VITÓRIA AMBIENTAL ENGENHARIA E TECNOLOGIA S.A is a company specialized in environmental protection and management of waste, which has a Central Industrial Landfill and Waste Management located in Serra - Espirito Santo.

A modern facility that has skilled professionals, trained staff, high-tech, ready to receive all types of waste, ensuring their full allocation environmentally correct and full environmental protection.

In Central Industrial Waste Management - IRGC, all waste is properly and technically treated and the ones suitable for recycling are separated through a screening process, leading the company to a significant rate of recycling of waste received.

The ETEI (Station Industrial Wastewater Treatment) is the newest unit in operation at the plant, (LO - IEMA No. 139/2013), giving the company the most modern treatment plant of industrial wastewater and sanitary of Espírito Santo, an infrastructure pioneer in this type of service.